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Privacy first steps  [Pinned]

An extensive post detailing a recommendation of the order of steps I would take if starting from scratch in my privacy journey today.

Dispelling Monero FUD  [Pinned]

In this post I’ll attempt to walk through the most common FUD around Monero (both valid and invalid) and help to clarify many of these points.

Bitcoin's Fungibility Graveyard  [Pinned]

Where the pipe-dream of Bitcoin’s real-world fungibility goes to die.

Why I Focus on Bitcoin

I'm not a Bitcoin maximalist. I'm not a Monero maximalist. I'm a freedom maximalist.

Building Monero's Circular Economy via Privacy Tools

In this blog post form of a presentation, we dive into what circular and parallel economies are, why they’re important, and what tools are being paired with Monero to enable them.


If you’ve enjoyed my work and would like to give me a little more time to dedicate to it, I’ll happily take any Monero or Bitcoin you’d like to throw my way: Monero or Bitcoin/Lightning via BTCPay Server You can easily donate Bitcoin (on-chain or via Lightning) or Monero via my BTCPay Server instance: - + USD GBP EUR BTC Lightning via Lightning Address You can easily donate Bitcoin via Lightning to my Lightning Address:...

Proposed Bitcoin Privacy Improvements

A list of Bitcoin proposals and ideas to improve privacy that are still a work in progress, were abandoned or never implemented, or failed to make a noticeable impact.

Thank you for the donation!

:partying_face: Thank you so much for donating and helping to support the work that I’m doing! Donations (no matter the size) go a long ways towards encouraging me, showing the the work I do is valuable to people like yourself, and helping me to carve out more time to contribute. Please don’t hesitate to reach out via Signal, SimpleX, Threema, or Nostr, I’d love to hear what you found useful, why, and a little bit more about how you stumbled across my work!...

Privacy-preserving Statistics Using Plausible

In this post I'll dive into the key features of Plausible's self-hosted statistics tool, the key datapoints you should be aware of, and how to disable or block it if desired.

External Posts and Podcast Episodes

This is a page to simply catalog and organize blog posts, guides, or podcast episodes that are outside of my own blog or podcast.

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