Run a Monero Node  [Pinned]

In this short post I’ll detail how to easily run a Monero node using Docker on a Linux server, the most common OS for virtual private servers (VPS).

Dispelling Monero FUD  [Pinned]

In this post I’ll attempt to walk through the most common FUD around Monero (both valid and invalid) and help to clarify many of these points.

Mining Monero  [Pinned]

This will be a simple guide to get you started with a few more advanced options/recommendations at the end, but hopefully will help to simplify the process for those of you wanting to get started mining Monero!

Accepting Monero via BTCPay Server  [Pinned]

I’ve spun up a BTCPay Server instance for my own use and built a guide out of the process, so hopefully this will aid others wanting to accept Monero at their stores, for donations, or any other use-case get up and rolling with BTCPay Server!

Building Monero's Circular Economy via Privacy Tools

In this blog post form of a presentation, we dive into what circular and parallel economies are, why they’re important, and what tools are being paired with Monero to enable them.

Run and mine on a p2pool Node

This guide will aim to make it very simple and straightforward for you to start and run your own Monero node and p2pool instance for decentralized and fee-less mining of Monero.

Run an atomic swap provider (Advanced)

This guide will walk you through how to act as a provider (also known as a seller or “automatic swap backend” (ASB)).

Performing Bitcoin <> Monero Atomic Swaps

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally here. You can, today, swap Bitcoin <> Monero directly peer-to-peer, over Tor, with no custodian or trusted 3rd-party, no KYC (Know Your Customer) info, nothing.

This Year in Monero - 2021

As a way to celebrate and show the growth that has happened for Monero across the past year on this, the 7th anniversary of the Monero project, I wanted to take a snapshot of statistics and social media posts to highlight this growth.

Donating to FOSS Projects and Pro-Privacy Organizations

This post gives some projects and organizations that I personally love and that accept donations in Monero.