Contributing to Monero

This post is an attempt to help clarify and highlight ways that people from all backgrounds and walks of life who love Monero can jump in and help out using their unique skill-sets.

Run a Monero Node (Advanced)

In this short post I’ll detail how to run a Monero node using systemd scripts on a Linux server, the most common OS for virtual private servers (VPS).

A Brief Breakdown of Monero's Ongoing Network Attacks

In this blog post I’ll break down a rough timeline of events, a short list of the known attacks that have happened or are still occurring, and what users can do to mitigate these attacks and others like them in the future.

Comparing Reasonably Private Spends in Bitcoin, Monero, and Zcash

I take a look at how each of the three most recognized privacy approaches in cryptocurrency stack up in size, cost (in both money and time!), and throughput.